2016 Home Missions Project – Mosaic Vision

A mosaic is a beautiful work of art. What’s interesting about this piece of art is that it is made up of many broken pieces. These pieces come in different shapes, colors and sizes and they’re not much by themselves. But when they are brought together and arranged by a skilled artist, they make something beautiful. Churches are made up of many different people. We come in different shapes, colors and sizes. We experience brokenness. But we believe that God, the master artist, brings people together by His grace, and makes something beautiful of us. This is what we see happen when we plant and revitalize churches.
PRAY You can spend time as an individual or as a group pleading with the Lord on behalf of each pastor and church that God will take brokenness and make something beautiful by His Grace.
GIVE You can give financially to one or more church projects. A special offering will also be received at MinistrieSummit.
GO And, you can go, if the Lord calls you to plant a new church or to be a part of a church plant or revitalization team.

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