Since 2003, Bridge Builders has been a resource of the PennDel Ministry Network providing coaching, training and mediation services to the churches and members of our Network. Through this conflict resolution ministry, the walls of conflict in local churches have been torn down and bridges of peace have been built.


A Bridge Builder team will meet with various individuals or groups within the church which are involved in conflict. They will evaluate the issues and offer biblical solutions that bring healing and resolution.


Bridge Builder team members are available to assist or coach, with Godly counsel and expertise, to those involved in conflict.


Bridge Builder team members are available to offer conflict management training to pastors, church staff, board members, leaders and members of the local church. Proper training can provide new opportunities for the churches to develop their own Bridge Builders team.

Timothy Halbfoerster

Bridge Builders Coordinator

Testimonial from a Pastor

“Come let us reason together.’ Disaster seemed imminent within the hearts of our separated congregation. Then I heard those words from Bridge Builders, ‘Come let us reason together.’ Not only did the Holy Spirit guide the staff of Bridge Builders to bring us together and reason with us, but as a unified and Spirit-led team, they came and listened, learned and laid out the problems that we faced with loving authority and clarity. What a powerful blessing it was to have a third party that was indifferent to anything but truth mediate our time together. With the hard work of sharing our pain, confusion, and frustration, completed, Bridge Builders and their staff guided our group into a plan for the future. We were then able to confidently take steps to walk through our differences to bring an empowered plan of resolution to the council and our flock. I would highly recommend Bridge Builders to any group of people that needed the resolution of their differences through the mediation process.”

Testimonial from a Presbyter

“Bridge Builders is a tremendous tool for Presbyters and Districts to use to assist in resolving discord within the local churches. Bridge Builders aids in finding the root causes of the discord, confronts all participants with scriptural mandates and solutions, and begins a process designed to bring about the healing of relationships, not just a declaration of who’s right and who’s wrong.”

Testimonial from a Church Deacon

“You and your team allowed for a safe opportunity for everyone to share their concerns, hurts, pains, and even possibilities for the future. While this time could have been harmful, you nurtured the group through the process with compassion for the situation. The Bridge Builders team took the group from a point of hurt to a point of healing. They also left it in the hands of the group to make sure they continued in a Godly way.


The process and skills learned from that one day have been beneficial throughout the past months in my personal, business, and church life.”

Testimonials from a District Official

“Conflict happens in families… this includes church families! Bridge Builders helps you to process the conflict in such a way that healing can happen and that people don’t become bitter and walk away from God.


In one instance, I stepped into a church that was imploding. As we outlined a path to healing, the first step was to call in Bridge Builders. As Pastor Tim and his team came, they met with the key people individually and listened to their frustrations. As they helped the pastor and church process the conflict, the process to healing began to happen. Today that church is growing again, and the pastor has taken steps towards health. Two years later, I was approached by a former elder who said that Bridge Builders helped him to move towards wholeness again. What a powerful ministry!


Many churches and pastors have been deeply wounded when conflicts escalate. I have found Tim Halbfoerster and the Bridge Builders ministry to be a powerful tool to help churches move towards healing. I highly recommend them for both prevention and intervention!”