Dear Pastors and Leaders,

What if we GIVE MORE than we get?

What if we TAKE CHANCES, leave mediocrity behind, and live all in for God?

What if we HELP the homeless, the weak, the poor, the drug addict and the hurting?

Welcome to the heart and ministries of:


PennDel is partnering with these two amazing ministries this spring.
Here are some ways you can help:

PRAY: For safety, resources, volunteers and the anointing of the Holy Spirit as they reach out and care for the least, the last and the lost.

GIVE: Your gift supports these ministries as they help others from small towns to large cities. Please consider making a monthly mission's commitment.

GO: Volunteers and teams are needed in the BOLO warehouse in Newport and on the streets of Philly with PDC.


PENNDEL U.S. Missions Director


Email: tom@penndel.org
Phone: 717 - 795 - 5921

"Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? When did we see you a stranger and take you in, or naked and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?' And the King will reply, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me." - Matthew 25:37-40


Call it compassion ministry, need based ministry or investing in your community; the Bread of Life Outreach exists to build relationships through meeting the tangible needs of people. Our desire is to assist churches with material resources to express the love of God and create opportunities to share the transformational message of the gospel.


Over the past thirty years, BOLO has provided a variety of products at no cost to recipients.  Our inventory depends on what we receive from our donors.  Food products generally include canned goods, meats, fresh produce, cereals, beverages and snacks.  Nonfood items may include office and cleaning supplies, health and beauty aids, and non-prescription medicines and vitamins. In addition, we offer strategies for churches to impact their community based on decades of experience.  


Currently, we receive, process and distribute over 210 tons of product per month and serve over 160 churches and nonprofit ministries.  We will soon have an operational inventory system where we can send churches a list of currently available products.  Orders may then be submitted and scheduled for pickup. 


The BOLO ministry functions with one part-time warehouse coordinator and over 300 volunteers. We welcome churches to prayerfully consider partnering with us to support operational expenses. Expenses average north of $16,000 per month; this includes a $354,000 mortgage on one of our warehouse buildings.  We occasionally receive some grant funding, but it is insufficient to support this expanding ministry.


The BOLO team realizes God has blessed us to be a blessing.  We look forward to partnering with our PennDel Network churches to enhance the mission of meaningful outreach to

our local communities.


Gary & Mary Bellis

Gary Bellis served as Lead Pastor of Newport Assembly of God for forty-seven years (1975-2022). 


He founded Perry Christian Academy (1978-2005), was co-founder of Special Outreach Siberia (1990-2005) and the Bread of Life Outreach, a compassion-based ministry (1993 to present).  

Gary provided oversight for the planting of Journey Christian Church in Thompsontown, PA (2013) and the Dinner Table Church in Newport (2019).  


He is currently serving as Legacy Pastor at Newport Assembly of God. He is married to Mary and has three children. 

David & Shirrie Dominguez

In 2016 David & Shirrie Dominguez moved from Florida to the inner-city of Philadelphia. They felt a call and heavy burden to reach out to individuals who have been traditionally overlooked or disenfranchised from the traditional church. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit they began reaching some of the neediest neighborhoods and hosting short term mission teams from around the nation. Out of this, the Philadelphia Dream Center was born.


Join the Miracle!  On October 14, 2022, the Philadelphia Dream Center settled on a property which includes four buildings, a parking lot and a courtyard. The property is strategically located to better serve families, children/youth, and individuals. One mile east is I95 and one mile west you will run into Kensington Avenue. Kensington is one of the largest open-air drug markets in the nation; 1276 overdose deaths were reported in 2021. Today the PDC is serving thousands of children, families and individuals through their various outreaches: 

  • Sidewalk Sunday School
  • VIP (Homeless Ministry)
  • Neighborhood Food Drops
  • Human Trafficking Outreach
  • Adopt a Block
  • Medical Missions

The property will be used as follows:


Church: This year PDC will be planting Dream City Church. This will be a life-giving church that will equip PDC to disciple more effectively and see lives transformed for eternity.


School: The school will be an after-school/summer program focused on Fine Arts. This will not only get children/youth off the streets and into a safe place, but through discipleship, the students will learn how to use their creative gifts for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. 


Housing: Men’s and women’s housing is made up of two separate buildings, the convent and the rectory. It will be used for short-term and long-tem missionaries. Our future vision is to start a program to house men and women in need and give them an opportunity to become self-sustaining and be part of the PDC community. 


Philadelphia Dream Center has been working diligently on the frontlines, serving children through weekly outreaches. They also provide much needed relief to families, build relationships with the homeless community and refer addicts to Christian based drug rehabs. In many cases, they provide transportation to those programs as well.


Would you prayerfully consider becoming a partner of the Phily Dream Center? Your monthly mission’s commitment, as well as a one-time financial offering, will equip them to be a greater resource to the Birthplace of America!

Your gift makes
a difference.



PennDel Ministry Network
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Mechanicsburg, PA 17055