Our mission is to have healthy pastors in thriving churches. To help make that a reality, we offer a variety of resources and benefits. We encourage you to learn and take part in these benefits to make the most of being a part of the PennDel Ministry Network.


THRIVE Conference

This free, annual fall event allows pastors and leaders to attend a 3-day conference at the Bongiorno Conference Center. Throughout the event, there will be times of training, preaching, teaching, connection, worship and recreation.



Also known as District Council, this free, annual spring event allows credential holders and guests to attend 3 days of preaching sessions, collaboration/business sessions, worship events, special workshops and lunches.


Retirement Planning Workshop

An annual workshop held to support and equip credential holders who are preparing to transition into retirement. This workshop is typically attached to the THRIVE Conference in the fall.


Bridge Builders

This ministry focuses on helping churches build healthy relationships during times of conflict through training, conflict-coaching, and church meditation.

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Complimentary Accommodations – all PennDel credential holders qualify for 2 FREE Nights which includes one hotel room for a family/individual getaway or spiritual refreshment. This offer is not available for stays immediately before, during, or after a network event. (additional stays can be purchased at $35/night + tax).


Complimentary Meeting Rooms – all PennDel AG churches qualify for complimentary meeting rooms for gathering led by pastoral staff. Limitations include: Monday-Thursday only. No summer dates.


10% Discount – all PennDel AG churches qualify for a 10% discount on any retreat or event booking.


Volunteer Work Teams – work teams receive a complimentary meeting room (if requested and available) and free retreat time during their overnight work team stay.


For more information or to make a reservation, call 717.243.7381 or email

*All offers are subject to availability.


Minister Care



Church Recalibration

  • Acts 2 Journey
  • Acts 2.0 (Year Two)
  • Church Consulting
  • Next Level Mentoring


Kids’ Camp

PennDel Kids hosts four weeks of Kids’ Camp at the Bongiorno Conference Center every summer. These camps are opportunities for students to come and experience community, powerful worship, teachings and transformative moments with their friends.


Kids’ Breakaway

PennDel Kids hosts two weekends of Breakaway in the winter. This events takes an emphasis on missions where students have the opportunity to hear from active missionaries from across the globe. Additionally, there are times of worship, recreation and community building.


Children’s Ministry Leadership Summit

This annua event is held to bring all PennDel Children’s Pastors together to develop their skills in leadership and ministry. Additionally, there are opportunities to connect with other pastors, engage in worship and receive valuable teaching from others across our Network.


Regional Children’s Ministry Trainings

These trainings are held on a regional level and are intended for teachers and leaders in children’s ministries to develop their skills.


Christian Education Curriculum and Resources

There are three different occasions throughout the year where our Netowrk provides curriculum to our pastors to use within their own ministry contexts.


Connect Group Leaders

Our Connect Group leaders are located in Pittsburgh, Hazelton, Pottstown, Camp Hill. They leaders are perfect resources to help you stay connected as well as collaborate in the ministry.


Camps Retreats

These retreats are a catalyst for leaders to learn new worship music, different styles of teaching and have the opportunity to build relationships throughout the year to connect to new children’s leaders, lay ministers, or paid professionals.


Social Media

PennDel Kids Facebook Page

PennDel KidMin Pastors & Directors Facebook Group

PennDel District KidMin Pastors, Leaders, Volunteers Facebook Group


PennDel Youth Convention

Join thousands of teenagers and their leaders at the Hershey Giant Center for an incredible conference that will change your life!


Youth Camp

Penndelyouth hosts multiple weeks of youth camp every summer where students come to experience God in a tangible way.


Fearless One Day Conference

This one-day event is held in several locations across our network to encourage students to share the Gospel within their school contexts.


TRIBE • PKMK Retreat

This event is reserved for all pastors and missionaries kids to come experience a weekend of community and spiritual renewal together.


Yearly Events that inspire women to grow and desire all that God has for their lives. PennDel Women plans events that offer women of all ages, choices of locations, and venues for our experiences.


Sisterhood Tour

During the spring, this conference tour is held at different church locations, targeting regions throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware. These events, though smaller in scale, are done with excellence and in partnership with the local church.



This large-scale, signature event is held at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey, PA. Women from across our region come for this weekend getaway to be inpired by national speakers and engage in powerful moments of worship. You don’t want to miss it!


Complimentary Consulting to your church in designing an effective outreach to women.


Many churches want to begin or modify their ministry to women, but don’t know where to begin. Our women’s director is available to personally come to your location, walk you through this process, assess where you and more importantly, where you want to go.

In conjunction with consulting, we offer:


  1. Training to Women to equip them to reach their church and community.


Did you know that the Assemblies of God National Office provides training for those interested in Women’s Ministry? The PennDel women’s director will help you implement this training for your local church if needed. Find out more by clicking here.


  1. Hands-On Assistance with organization and implementation of your desired program.


We know everyone is different and prefers different styles of learning. If you prefer a hands-on approach, PennDel Women will help you connect with one of our regional leaders who will be available to assist you along the journey.


Mentoring for the next generation of women leaders.


Our Lead Well initiative promises to provide ongoing resources to help you. Throughout the year, we offer both in-person and online meetings to help grow your leadership abilities. Training and cheering on the next generation of leaders is one of our top priorities. We believe the future is bright when we allow others to shine!


Men’s Conference

Join over 1,400 men at this annual conference for powerful teachings, worship and community. This conference is held at alternating locations: Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, PA or Trinity Life in Baltimore, MD. Click here to learn more.



Coaching is available for men’s ministry leaders across our network. Click here to learn more.



This ministry takes on a focus on missions engagement through Light for the Lost.


Video Resources

View numerous session recordings from past events. Click here to view.


Bible Study Access

The Assemblies of God National Office for men’s ministries offers countless bible studies to equip your men’s ministry for growth and community building.


Social Media

Men’s Ministries Facebook Page


Service Projects

Royal Rangers are available to come to your local church and assist with on-site service projects.


Volunteer Labor

Royal Rangers are available to volunteer in physical labor such as setting up for church events.


Church Service Assistance

Royal Rangers can provide assistance for regular or special church services including greeting guests, offertory needs, etc.


Servant Leadership Training

The Royal Rangers ministry offers training for for young boys and adult men who desire to become a part of the Ranger community. These leadership trainings assist in both tactical and leadership skills.


Check back soon!


Church Planter Assessments

This is a tool where prospective church planters and their spouses undergo a behavioral assessment interview which helps leaders to evaluate 13 key areas that are essential to effective church planting (value: $500).


Access to 20/20 Repayable Funds

Repayable matching funds up to $20,000 may be available to qualified churches that are part of mothering or partnering with church plants.


501(c)(3) Packet

Assemblies of God churches can operate under the General Council’s 501(c)(3)


Church Planting Start-Up Package for Your New Church

New church plants are eligible to receive payroll services, quick books, coaching for your first year (value $1500).


Annual Rural Compassion Event

This event is typically held at the end of Summit in May. Rural churches can attend this FREE event which includes training from Rural Compassion representatives and concludes with product(s) to take back to your community.




PennDel Coaching

In partnership with AG Coaching, exists to help leaders and ministries go farther faster. Coaching is a thought-provoking and co-creative process that inspires individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential.


PennDel Certified Coaches

Support leaders who are endeavoring to turn their ideas into action, indecision into clarity, uncertainty into strategies, conflict into cooperation, and congregational inertia into positive change.


Annual Coach Training

Our network subsidizes the cost of an annual coach training event that focuses on topics such as Coaching Basics, Coaching for Transformation and Change, and Coaching the Leader.


The PennDel Ministry Network believes its greatest asset is found within the skills and abilities of its ministers.  It is our firm belief that we will have thriving churches when we have healthy pastors, and continuing education equips the minister to do the work of ministry. Thanks to the vision of Superintendent Immel and the Presbytery, the District Council is able to offer grants for continuing education.  Grants are available under the guidelines listed in the following document:


Continuing Education Grant Guidelines & Application


Please visit for more information!


XA Fall Retreat

This annual event is held at the Bongiorno Conference Center where many Chi Alpha members gather to connect, recieve teachings and partipate in worship. Click here to learn more.



Short term 1-2 week/month trips

Missionary Associate – 1-2 year journey assisting our Career Missionaries

Assist M.A.’s in advancing to become a fully appointed Career Missionary with AGWM




Annual Missions Convention for the all participating sections within our network.




Ministers and churches can access our PennDel Missionary and MA’s Itineration list by logging onto their mypenndel account. Click here to learn more.




Financial Assistance to Missionary Associates

Opportunities for ministers and churches to give a one-time gift or monthly commitment




Credential holders with a passion for world missions have the opportunity to serve in the PennDel Section they reside/serve in

Lead/Staff  Pastor’s & Missions Directors each have a Sectional Rep to assist with specific information closer to their church




Raises funds to send our missionaries into their fields of labor

Saves missionary dollars by reducing itinerating expenses

Saves valuable time by getting the missionaries to the field quicker

Pays for the most direct and least expensive flight to their field of ministry

Enables our newly approved missionaries with $5,000 at the beginning of their itineration process


Sectional Worship Reps

Your network section has a worship rep that eager to help get you connected and assist you in your ministry. You can find your sectional rep’s contact information on our web page!



Sectional Worship Connections

Hosted by your sectional rep, this is a time to meet together, share concerns, prayer requests and connect with other worship leaders from your area. Check our web page to see when these are taking place.



Guest Worship Leaders

Are you in transition or does your worship leader need a week to refresh? A list of guest worship leaders is available on our worship page to assist in either of these areas.



SUMMIT & THRIVE Workshops & Luncheons

We offer workshops and/or luncheon opportunities with great leaders from across our network or nationally. Don’t miss out on these affordable additions to our already fantastic conferences.


PennDel Worship Leaders Facebook Group

Join our PennDel Worship Leaders Facebook Group. Ask questions, share prayer requests, songs, etc. with over 100 other worship leaders in our network!


For questions or more information contact our Worship Lead, Josh Shaffer at or call or text: 814.414.1304