Welcome to the University of Valley Forge Ministers’ Grant Program!

Do you have a desire to further your education, career, and leadership skills? The University of Valley Forge PennDel offers credential holders a significant discount on earning a master’s degree! UVF conveniently offers all master’s degree programs online so you are easily able to balance your academic studies with your everyday life. Please see below for a review of each degree program, grant requirements, and F.A.Q’s.


If you are a new or returning student and ready to take part in this affordable program, please contact our network office directly, prior to the start of the new semester.


University of Valley Forge

Graduate Studies

“District Leadership Grant – Cohort”


UVF Admissions Requirements For New and Returning Students

District Ministers Grant students must:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree and meet admissions requirements per program as stated in the academic catalog
  • Be approved by the District Leadership
  • Be in good standing with the District


PennDel Continuing Education Grant Requirements:

(PennDel credential holders meeting the below requirements are eligible for a $300/year continuing education grant, with a maximum benefit of $1000. Application is required each year.)


Candidates for the continuing education grant must:

  • Hold credentials with the PennDel District for at least one year.
  • Be a member in good standing at an Assemblies of God church.
  • Be faithful with his/her commitment to giving as per the District Constitution & Bylaws.
  • Be in good standing with the District.
  • Follow instructions in continuing education grant application to receive reimbursement of funds. (This application would be forwarded to you upon approval to apply.)


Approval Notice:

All credential holders must renew their approval for participation in the Ministers Grant prior to the start of each semester. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for the tuition discount for that semester.


How Much Will I Save?

Exact costs vary based on program, start date, rate of completion, etc. PennDel ministers can receive a master’s degree at UVF for around $11,000 – a 30% discount! For example, if you were to start a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership in Fall 2022:

    • The full price of the MAOL: $16,566
    • MAOL with UVF Ministers Grant: $11,596
    • MAOL with UVF grant and PennDel scholarship (2 year program / $300 a year scholarship): $10,996


Why should I choose UVF?

UVF takes a strong curriculum focus on Christian doctrine and leadership regardless of what program you pursue. Your education will be well-rounded in both core academics and your spiritual well-being. Additionally, UVF has been noted as one of the top-most affordable online colleges in Pennsylvania!


When does each semester start?

Regular length semesters (15 weeks) start in January, May, and August. Accelerated semesters (7 weeks) usually start in January, March, May, June/July, August, and October.


Will my program be held online or seated?

UVF conveniently offers all master’s degree programs online so you are able to confidently continue in your everyday life without feeling the pressure to be in a seated classroom.


Will I receive reminders about this offer?

Yes! All PennDel Ministry Network credential holders receive an email reminder approximately 2 months prior to the start of each semester. If you are not receiving these reminders, please contact our office to be added to our email list.


How can I learn more information about UVF’s master’s degree?

You can start by reviewing the degrees at the top of this page by clicking each button.

If you are ready to take part in this affordable program, please request more information here. You can also reach out directly to

If you are a returning student needing confirmation of your continued eligibility, please contact our network office directly, prior to the start of the new semester.