Rev. Jeff Marshall – PennDel World Missions Director

Thank you for visiting the World Missions information page!  We are excited for you to review our missionary team and learn of opportunities to support our missionaries.  If your church has questions regarding your missions program, please do not hesitate to contact our office or your Sectional Missions Representative.  Jeff is more than happy to promote your missions program as a speaker during a service, banquet or missions team meeting.  Jeff can be contacted via email: or by phone: 717-795-5921.

Jeff Marshall will be happy to visit your church to promote World Missions.




PennDel Ministry Network is an “open network” for General Council Career/General Appointed Missionaries from other approved sending networks. Our pastors and churches are pleased to partner with missionaries who preach the gospel where it has not been preached and plant the church where it has not been planted. To request clearance for itineration in PennDel, please contact Jeff Marshall by email: or by phone: 717-795-5921. All Missionary Associates should inquire with Jeff regarding itineration policy.

How to support a Missionary:

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