Marjie Tourville: Our Pastor's Wife, Our Friend

God gives gifts to the body of Christ: our salvation, spiritual gifts, ministry gifts, and even people. He blessed our PennDel Ministry Network in 2002, when Marjie (Marjorie) became our Network pastor’s wife as her husband (Pastor Steve) was elected as Superintendent.

The day Pastor Steve was installed as Superintendent started with a unique challenge for Marjie. Her morning began with a dental emergency; one that left her with a front crown missing! Thankfully, Marjie’s sister (Jeanne Wessman) was a dental assistant for a Carlisle dentist. Later, when Marjie walked to the front seat and looked to the platform, she gave Pastor Steve a full, beaming smile!

Marjie completed her B.A. degree in Leadership Management at Eastern University at age 46, and for the past 12 years has been Pastor Steve’s Administrative Assistant. During the years when Pastor Steve was lead pastor, Marjie enjoyed both her work in the corporate world and her role as pastor’s wife. In West Chester she was Missionette’s Coordinator and Sectional Missionette Rep.

Across our Network, PK/MKs (Pastor and Missionary Kids) have an accumulation of hand-knitted hats and scarves. Over the years it has been a passion of Marjie’s to make and distribute them at the annual
PK/MK Retreat. Another event near to Marjie’s heart is the Women in Ministry Retreat; an event designed to bless ministry wives and women in ministry.

When asked what her plans are after retirement she says, “More time with grandchildren!” Steve and Marjie have two children: Jason and his wife Rene’ have four children and live in Shrewsberry, PA. Their daughter Julie and her husband, David, have two children and live in Springfield, MO. While Marjie is retiring from one position, great joy is ahead as she assumes her role as “full-time Me-Maw.”


After my husband, two young daughters and I moved to a new church and town, I found myself discontented and disillusioned. I had put pressure on myself that I wasn’t meant to carry. I knew I needed help before
I jeopardized my family, ministry, and future.

After Ministers’ Enrichment, the Lord clearly spoke to me that I needed a coach NOW! I emailed Marjie and shared my struggle. I asked if she would recommend a local woman ministry-leader to coach me through this trying time. I stepped out, was vulnerable, and asked for help. Marjie responded a day later offering HERSELF to coach me!  For the next year, she and another woman in ministry and I met together monthly; bearing one another’s burdens and praying for each other.

Marjie went above and beyond the call of duty for me. Marjie gave, prayed, counseled and coached. My life will never be the same because you took the time. Thank you, Marjie!

Christa Fowler


I was at a Women in Ministry Retreat in 2002; the year Pastor Steve became Superintendent. I was new to the district, and had no friends. At a jewelry-making class, a lady asked if she could sit with me. We chatted easily and began making our jewelry.

Someone announced, “Ladies, this is our new Superintendent and his wife.” The lady beside me stood up and smiled at everyone. I never expected that someone in her position would be nice to me. She was the superintendent’s wife, but was being a “regular” person like me. That was the beginning of a treasured friendship with dear Marjie!

Darleen Newman


The hats and scarves that Marjie made were one of the things I looked forward to most every year! PK/MK Retreat was my favorite PennDel event of the whole year! It was such a great feeling walking into dinner the first night and seeing all the hard work Marjie had done just for us PKs/MKs. It made us feel so special.

Each hat and scarf came with a scripture tied to them with a piece of yarn. I still have them as well as the hats and scarves I collected over the years. That simple gesture meant the world to me growing up and so does Marjie! Marjie sowed seeds into our lives with each stitch she knitted. Marjie is incredible!

Jolyn Jones

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