How Does #BetterTogether Happen?

I am a “Do It Yourself” kind of guy. After high school I spent time in the military and then a few years at several entry level jobs. At age 22, I started a career in the metal fabrication industry, again mostly working solo. I started college at age 32 and began ministry as an associate pastor at age 36.

It was then I realized one is too small of a number to really make an impact. It was a large church, and I was in charge of children’s ministry, Christian education and discipleship, adult Sunday school, small groups, outreach and drama ministry, as well as baby dedication, water baptism and membership. Being overwhelmed, I was suddenly thrust into
developing teams.

I had to recruit, develop, train, release and then supervise people to help me accomplish the task God gave me; most of all I had to pray for guidance and direction. God usually did not send me leaders ready to go, instead He sent me ordinary people; it was my job to equip them to do extraordinary ministry.

How does “Better Together” happen? 

  • I earnestly pray that God leads me to the right person, and He does.
  • I share my heart and vision with passion; it’s always about making a difference.
  • I always give team members what they need to be successful.
  • I make them look good; if all goes well they get the credit; if they fail, I take the blame.
  • I release them to do it their way, knowing what end result is needed.

If things fail, I am not a punisher; everything is a learning experience, what can we do better as a team. It seems few teams last forever; my greatest joy in being “Better Together” is watching God move people on to greater ministry and bringing new team members to share the journey with me. Try it, it’s worth it.

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