Your Team + Our Team = One Team.

That’s not a complicated mathematical equation. You didn’t have to have taken algebra, geometry, calculus, or linear algebra and differential equations to figure out the solution. In the real world 1 + 1 = 2, but not in this case. More + more = one, or is it really twice as much? Perhaps it is exponentially more. None of this really matters. All we have to realize is that if we all work together, more gets done and more gets accomplished. If I’ve learned one thing during the last 13 years as District Director of our ministry, it is that no one person can do it all. It takes a team. Not just a team of individuals with the same personality and talents, but a team with diversity and multiple talents. Take our human body for instance. Each part has a specific function and each helps us to complete various tasks to function properly. Take one or more parts away and we find ourself at a deficit, not functioning as efficiently. Sometimes I often think if I could clone myself I could get so much more done; however, since I have not been blessed with all the God given talents, I doubt that would be very productive or beneficial. We still need the diversity that a team provides. Each of the ministries we are involved in has a specific function and meets a specific need. Add one or more teams together and you get one team with much more diversity and even more potential. Often we are reluctant to join forces because we do things one way and others do things another way, but aren’t we really looking to accomplish the same thing? Building the kingdom of God? A ministry benefits most when everyone is working together and smoothly as a team. To be most efficient the body has to work together as a team and not as separate entities. Collaborating together as we focus on a common team goal helps maximize our effectiveness. Let’s team up and be the best version of a team we can be. The benefits add up to infinity.

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