Stabilizing Your Soul

As a collegiate athlete, I have always been interested in keeping physically fit. My exercise regime has not only kept my body healthy but also helps me release stress and anxiety. In my younger years it was all about how much you could bench or squat. Let’s be honest, most of us guys want the shaped biceps, ripped deltoids and shredded 6-pack (abs, not soda). The ladies have different goals but also are rather clear on their physical goals.

Now in my forty’s, I have different goals. Recently, I learned about what’s called “stabilizer muscles.” These are not the primary “movers” like your quads (legs) or pectorals (chest). They are not the muscles that get noticed or celebrated by others, but they are the muscles that keep you nimble, quick and free from injury.

As we each navigate the uncharted waters that the Coronavirus brought, I would ask the question, “WHAT ARE THE STABILIZING MUSCLES OF OUR SOUL?” How can we stay renewed and grounded while everything around us is in a constant state of change? Keith Evans, a professional counselor and a credentialed PennDel minister, speaks to this key leadership issue in this conjoining article.

Let me encourage you today… take the necessary time and make the necessary efforts to renew and refresh your soul, as you are leading and encouraging those around you. Let’s model the way by Stabilizing our Soul!

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