Can you relate your fragmented women’s ministry to the walls of Jerusalem lying in ruins as described in the book of Nehemiah? The Jewish people had rebuilt the temple after fifty years in exile, but they were never able to finish the wall around the temple due to the opposition they faced each time they attempted to complete it.

Nehemiah understood the complexity of the task before him, the necessity for the repair and the lack of enthusiasm to get the job done. Nehemiah utilized several key leadership principles to get the job done and inspire others to support the vision through personal commitment and enthusiastic promotion.

SEE THE NEED. The neglected wall symbolized a lack of hope, strength and direction for God’s people. Many women in our churches feel alone, discouraged and lack purpose. When one part of the body is hurting, it affects the entire body. It can’t be neglected!

SEEK OUT SUPPORT. You can’t do this alone! Nehemiah requested the King’s permission, leadership investment and recruited laborers. You are in a place of influence and able to develop spiritual gifts and growth in those who join your team.

SUMMON GOD’S DIRECTION. Nehemiah prayed for months before he began his mission to rebuild. Whatever we do and how we do it must be directed by the heart of God and have His approval before we proceed. Others will sense God’s hand on your leadership and feel confident to follow if they know He is leading.

SUBMIT A PLAN. The Jerusalem wall was rebuilt following a clearly defined plan and was executed with guidance. If you are going to get others onboard and excited to join you, know where you are going, how you are getting there and what it will accomplish. Women will work hard if they believe in the goal and see it as valuable and eternal.

SEE THE POTENTIAl. Because Nehemiah was passionate about the problem, a vision of hope for the future was born. Once we recognize the problem, we need God to reveal the possibilities of a vibrant ministry to women and teen gals that will bring hope, meet relevant needs and unite women in a spiritual sisterhood changing lives for eternity.

Inspiration and ideas taken from The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership by Jenni Catron – a great leadership resource.

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