The concept of TURNAROUND CHURCHES produces any number of emotional responses. On the one hand the thought of turning a church around can illicit fear, anxiety and apprehension along with defensiveness or a sense of being insulted by some who are pushing an agenda. On the other hand, the same phrase can yield excitement and enthusiasm about a new adventure and challenge in the congregation. My personal experience relates to the fact that every church I was privileged to pastor was at a place in their history that TURNAROUND was necessary if the church was to survive. What I learned from those experiences was that every context was different so that every solution was unique.

In my younger years, basketball was my game of choice. The fundamentals of the game don’t vary from player to player, but the individual’s specialty was determined by their personal interests and abilities. Most people are aware of the concepts of dribbling, shooting or blocking a shot. The concept of the pivot is not as celebrated. Being able to change direction in an instant is a skill that greatly increases a player’s effectiveness.

The same is true for us as leaders in the church. The ability of a leader to help the church pivot; i.e. TURNAROUND, is of great importance but is also very challenging. For a basketball player, the pivot can be a vulnerable moment that results in a twisted ankle or broken foot, so caution must be taken, technique and stamina developed and sometimes risks must be taken. But done well, a TURNAROUND/PIVOT can enhance effectiveness and open up an opportunity that would not otherwise exist.

We trust that you will be encouraged in your congregation to trust God for a greater harvest of souls by attempting great things for Him!

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