Dare to DREAM Big Together

Sixteen years ago the Lord put a dream in my heart for the waters of His Spirit to rise across our Network so that all ships would rise together as He worked among us.

We often think of this as our dream, but in truth this is God’s desire – His dream. A part of that dream is the sense of unity we experience when we see ourselves as a part of the team God has raised up to impact Pennsylvania and Delaware with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Indeed, none of us can change the world through our own efforts, but it is truly incredible what can occur when we join hearts and efforts to reach those God has placed around us. We experience what it means to be “Better Together.”

Marjie and I have been honored to serve you as your Superintendent these past years. Your love and support for us has created an atmosphere where God’s presence has been felt and His favor experienced. As we look to the future, it is our prayer that our future leadership will experience the same prayer, support, encouragement and love that you have afforded us. We thank you for your care for us and trust you will commit to follow those who will lead into the future.

Our gratitude goes out to our excellent staff, both departmental leaders and support personnel at the Ministry Center and the Conference Center. Their excellence, passion and loyalty have established a context where unity is evident. Our presbyters have led with great integrity and passion for your sections and churches. Their commitment to God, you and our fellowship has been a source of great encouragement to me. Our ministers, churches and followers of Jesus across our Network made serving in this capacity a joy that provides significance for all we do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, love and passion to be people of the Spirit and of the Word as we have labored together for His Kingdom. May God continue to grace us with His presence until He comes again.

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