Church Planting Projects 2015

Life Church  •  Hershey, PA

bentleyHershey, PA started as a “model town” for employees of the world’s first modern chocolate factory to live, work and play. But how can “The Sweetest Place on Earth” model true community without the example of Christ’s love among its people? This need is part of what called our family to “Chocolate Town, USA.”
God paved the way for Life Church to be planted in Hershey, PA in February 2014. Our vision is to REACH people in a way that exemplifies a genuine and growing relationship with God and to CULTIVATE a Christ centered, spirit-filled environment where people GROW in their relationship with God.

After enjoying our first few months of Sunday services at the Cocoaplex Cinemas and a short transition at the local Elementary School, God blessed us with the opportunity to lease a great facility at a remarkable price right in the heart of Hershey. Our new location is only two blocks from Hershey Square (the intersection of Chocolate and Cocoa Avenues) and provides us with an amazing amount of space (16,000 square feet).
The Hershey Project will help transform ten old school classrooms into strategic environments for facilitating relational growth within the Hershey community. Thank you for taking time to prayerfully consider our request!

The Place  •  Reading, PA

KlinglerReading, PA is a city of over 88,000 people that has been riddled with poverty, violence, drugs, and a seeming hopelessness, especially in the heavy urban areas. Like with Nineveh, we believe God desires to and can transform whole cities. In this age, it takes the work of churches – old and new- to get His powerful Gospel to the lost. Planting new churches births fresh opportunities for people to be saved. This was our incentive for planting “The Place…a church of HOPE for everyone!”
Our young church is comprised of several cultures that reflect the heart of the city. Hispanics, Blacks, Italians, Germans and many others worship together each Sunday in our growing community. Our greatest joy is watching people come to Christ and walk with Him in full surrender.

To continue to reach people effectively, we have been praying and believing for a new property. The Lord has opened the door for us to purchase a property that puts us in our immediate neighborhood where people will be able to walk to church (a benefit in our urban setting). The location is excellent for our mission. We will be across the street from the Intermediate School where we now do an after school outreach program.
My husband and I work bi-vocationally as not to tax our young congregation as it continues to grow and become a strong, vibrant church. We ask for your help so that we can purchase this terrific building and continue to reach Reading’s inner city for Jesus.

Our Goal This Year Is To Raise $100,000 For These Projects

We need your help! We can do this if…
1 Church Gives $ 20,000
2 Church Gives $ 10,000
5 Church Gives $ 5,000
8 Church Gives $ 2,500
10 Church Gives $ 1,000
10 Church Gives $ 500

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