Big Dreamers

The men and women who formed the Assemblies of God more than a Century ago were “big dreamers.” They embraced this BIG DREAM: “We commit ourselves and the movement to Him for the greatest evangelism the world has ever seen.”

This is a bold statement, and by almost any measure we have succeeded in our endeavors on a scale unimaginable to our founders. Today the Assemblies of God has more than 66 million adherents in 255 countries, territories, and provinces.

While we celebrate our victories, I am reminded of what Loren Triplett once said; “We don’t measure ourselves by our success, but by the unfinished task.” Revelation 7:9-12 paints a beautiful picture of a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue standing before the throne of God giving Jesus the glory due his name. If we see this as the end toward which we are working, the task before us can be overwhelming.

One of my BIG DREAMS is to raise up men and women who will go to Eurasia, an area with 44 nations and territories encompassing much of the Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu world. Within the borders of Eurasia, there are more than 4,400 unreached people groups – ethnolinguistic people groups without an adequate witness of the Gospel of Jesus. There are entire countries in Eurasia with fewer followers of Jesus among the local population than you have fingers on one hand.

God has called us to make disciples among every people group, and we believe the best way to do that is to plant churches. These aren’t brick and mortar churches. These are communities of faith that are made up of “living stones.” They are house churches that have in their DNA the idea of multiplication. We want to plant churches that will plant churches that will plant churches.

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