Better Together

For several years our District/Network tagline “Better Together” has provided focus and identification for us as we move forward in unity to fulfill our purpose as a fellowship in reproduction, relationship and resources. No individual or congregation can accomplish as much as when all of us move together to serve God in reaching our mission field and ministering to the people in our sphere of influence. The graphic expression on the front cover of this edition effectively depicts our movement corporately toward a direction guided by the Spirit as others continue to join this endeavor. You will find in the pages of this publication many of the efforts we are planning to achieve throughout the various ministries of our network.
Five years ago your churches joined forces to impact one region of India, the state of Rajasthan. It was a great privilege for Marjie and me to return this past year to view the results of your financial contributions and sacrifices. The development of the school has progressed to the point now that about 300 children are getting an education, a healthy meal every day and a school uniform. Most of these children would not have this opportunity had we not partnered to see this accomplished. In addition, the church continues to grow and flourish with the development of the church facilities and the Bible College that trains ministers to pastor and plant churches. A significant part of our project was focused on the Freedom House which houses and provides training in micro business endeavors to rescue those trapped in the trafficking of young girls in that community.
Amazing results in missions happen because we are “Better Together” The seeds you sowed five years ago have grown to produce an amazing harvest for Christ. Sometimes we may wonder where our dollars go and the result of our giving. Your heart would be warmed by the children singing songs about Jesus and the individuals who have been saved by Christ and now are going out to plant more churches that bring life and hope to the lost. The light of Jesus is being proclaimed and your giving made this possible.
Last year our efforts were directed toward a community in Romania assisting Ana and Mike Dascalescu in constructing Baneasa Community Center. Once again, your response to the opportunity of investing in this nation to bring the good news of Jesus’ love has established a foothold that is producing a harvest of souls for the kingdom of God. We demonstrate God’s care for those without the hope of Christ by sending, giving and going to the unreached people of our world.

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