An Underutilized Asset

Have you ever wondered how the young people in your church can be developed into the Christ-like servant leaders of tomorrow’s church? Look no further than your Royal Rangers outpost. The major purpose of Royal Rangers is to develop boys and young men into Christ-like servant leaders. What better source for finding helpers for Christian Education classes, youth group leaders, worship team members, and more!

Junior Leadership training begins in the local outpost with Leadership Merits and the Leadership Foundation course available through the TracClub Leaders’ track. Boys also receive leadership training by attending district run camps within the Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA). These camps run three to four days each, beginning with the Ranger Training Camp (RTC) for Discovery Ranger boys who have completed the 4th grade. This camp teaches a boy about his role within his patrol in the outpost. The Junior Training Camp (JTC), for boys who completed the 6th grade, teach boys their role within their outposts. The JTC is followed by the Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) that teaches boys about their role within their church and community. High school aged boys and their leaders can complete skill-based action camps designed to teach boys specific skills such as canoeing, computers, or basic auto mechanics.

Collectively, these camps teach basic and advanced leadership skills such as interacting with others, event planning, responsibility, and developing integrity using the Bible and its principals as the foundation. When these boys come back from these camps they are ready to be put to work. Try it!  Send your Ranger boys to a JLDA camp and then use them upon their return. They’ll be a great resource for helping in other ministries in your church. Go to for applications and more information.

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