Transformation Church – Grove City, PA

Pastor Scott & Laurie Lewis
Jesus is all about change. Since He arrived on the scene, this world has never been the same. Transformation Church endeavors to partner with Christ in this mission of change. Transformation begins within. As our lives are transformed through the power of Christ’s love, we become agents of change in the world around us. We are called to impact every area of society with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The members of Transformation Church desire to experience personal change and to be used to foster change in our homes, families, neighborhoods, schools, work places, churches, campuses, communities and beyond!
We are called to be ambassadors of Christ. This means that we represent The King and His kingdom. As a church, we desire to operate as an embassy of heaven on earth. An embassy captures the culture of the kingdom it represents. The very atmosphere changes upon entering an embassy. When people come through the doors of Transformation Church, we fully expect them to have an intimate, life-changing encounter with God!
Transformation Church is currently in the process of finding and financing a move to a worship location within the Grove City area. In addition to securing an appropriate location, we also need to purchase seating, a sound system, instruments, and all other necessary equipment (see attached). At Transformation Church, we believe that the venue must match the vision. We are an embassy of heaven and want to rightly represent our King with excellence. It has been a great blessing and privilege watching God put together the pieces of this puzzle. With each new piece that pops into place, we grow more and more excited! We anticipate the completion of this puzzle and the day that we can finally step back and look upon the BIG picture!
We trust and believe that God is building this house. Faithful is He who calls us, and He is doing it! Thank you so much for your prayers and for being faithful to whatever part God calls you to play in establishing this work!

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