South Scranton Spanish Church – Scranton, PA

The city of Scranton has a rich history as a leader and shaper of the Industrial Revolution. Coal was king in that revolution, and Scranton was the capital of the Anthracite Region. However, by the 1950s, Scranton had begun a huge decline as the many coal mines that surrounded the area shut down. Other industries and the population followed the departure of coal, and the towns of Northeastern Pennsylvania felt the loss. Today, Scranton is a medium sized city that is benefiting from a large influx of immigrants. The neighborhood of South Scranton is a populous mixture of ethnicities, with a main concentration of Hispanic people. Even though Scranton is a medium sized city, it remains relatively safe with a good neighborhood presence throughout.
It is into this mix we desire to plant a new congregation.
The former Dickson City Assembly of God transitioned into South Scranton five years ago, and has begun to impact that neighborhood and the city as a whole. New Life Assembly of God sits on a complex that is nearly a square city block. There are incredible facilities located here… a church, a gymnasium, a school, a convent, and much more. Many are currently being used, and plans are being formulated to use the rest of the facilities for the glory of God. Our desire for 2016 is to bring on a Spanish pastor to launch Iglesia de la Nueva Vida at this facility. There is currently no effective Pentecostal Hispanic church in Scranton, and the field is white and ready to be harvested. Pastor Jim and Julie Dinger are ready to bring on this additional staff to oversee the launching of this new ministry, and look forward to working with you in conjunction with this project.
Please contact Presbyter Dave Twiss  ( if you are interested in planting in South Scranton.

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