Cranberry Community Church – Cranberry, PA

Pastor Joseph & Emily Gibson
As we are in the early stages of our new church, one of the major focuses we have been emphasizing is the importance of building on a solid foundation from the start. We realize the importance of establishing our identity from the very beginning as both a Great Commandment and a Great Commission church. With this in mind, we are focusing on ways to bless and serve our local community in the Franklin/Oil City/Cranberry area, while simultaneously emphasizing evangelism and missions.
Our goal is to create a balanced culture in which no part of the gospel is neglected. For our local community, we are working on community blessing projects. Among other projects, we will be offering meals and various services to those in need. We are also aiming to hold a future community-wide outreach alongside other churches in the area. Our hope is to provide groceries, medical services, live music, and games for kids, while also presenting the gospel message. On a broad scale, one of our goals is to financially support a foreign church plant. In the end, our desire is to impact our community and the world around us for the Kingdom of God far beyond our own capabilities.
Any resources sown into our ministry through this offering would primarily go toward these local outreach and foreign missions events.

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