Training Next Generation

From the days of Elijah and Elisha onward, prophetic leaders have recognized the importance and urgency of developing and investing in the next generation of leaders through educational efforts. The Elisha narrative of the floating axe head illustrates the marvel of the miraculous in the midst of the mundane. “Alas master it was borrowed” rings with the cry of distress of one who was responsible for a vital tool owned by someone else who expected it to be returned. Elisha’s intervention served the need of the individual and provided a necessary piece of equipment for the construction of the School of the Prophets. The Prophet’s presence demonstrated his personal support of the project and by association, the favor of the Lord. Elisha was investing in future generations in need of direction and guidance.

A vision for the training of the next generation cries out for attention. Not everyone is called to attend the School of the Prophets (called to the ministry), but in the North American culture, the generation of young people being educated in secular institutions are largely turning away from Christ and lost to the kingdom of God. Anecdotal evidence to the contrary could be found, but the reality remains that the influences within our culture, particularly on the secular campuses undermine faith, encourage skepticism, and feed the pluralistic appetite of a world without a biblical worldview and committed to tolerance of everything except Christian faith. Others have documented the results. (See page 9 of )

What can we do as Spirit-led leaders to turn this toward a future that can train our youth in a biblical worldview without turning our backs on the culture that needs salt and light?

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