The hardest and most productive part of leadership

I wanted to give something back to my leaders, and made the mistake of asking them what they wanted from me.

“How can I serve you”? I asked, like a sheep to the slaughter.

“Write a prophetic word over us”, they answered. “Ask God what he thinks of us, and write it out. Use your prophetic gift.”

So we invited people to sign up for a leadership night. 120 key leaders showed up. I had three weeks to write 120 prophetic words.

I seemed to slave away at it morning noon and night until it felt like it would kill me. I finally got the last ones done 15 minutes before the meeting started tonight.

So we got into the meeting and I started passing out framed prophetic words that I had asked God for and received. There were a lot of tears, hugs, and amazingly shaken people. I have rarely felt so appreciated with anything I have ever done. Or felt God’s anointing so powerfully present in the room. Before I got home, 15 more people heard about it and ask if I could possibly do it for them as well.

I sure need to do this more. There is little that I could do to matter more to the volunteers, givers, and otherwise precious leaders that God has given me. And there is little that could ever be more effective in helping people know this Jesus, and walk with Him.

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