The evangelical vote

Once again, the evangelical vote seems to have won the day.

I have been voting since the late 70’s. In that time (especially since the Clinton years) it seems like every election reporting cadre is surprised by the groundswell of the ‘evangelical vote’. Rush Limbaugh said last night that the spectre of these passionate voters makes the politicos very nervous. He said they are no longer able to sniff about us being ‘one issue voters’, but need to start taking us seriously.

There is something interesting going on here. Something is happening in America. Yes, ‘evil men and seducers are waxing worse’ in certain circles, and there is much to be done to be redemptive in this society. May God help us reach the 6-8 million people in Penn-Del who do not attend church currently.

But one of my weaknesses in the past, has been to not celebrate the good things enough. As a goal driven, type-A person, I charge from goal to goal, not taking enough time to thank God for what he has done (usually in spite of me) already. I’d like to repent by taking time today to celebrate that the ‘evangelical vote’ in Iowa flexed it’s conscience yesterday and caused the nation to notice for about 30 seconds.

No wonder church shootings are on the rise! (ever Google ‘church shootings’? It will make you want a gun permit) The devil better stop these people one way or another, or this nation has potential to actually become affected (infected?) by them!

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