State College New Year's Eve Sunday Community Service 2007

The Sunday after Christmas is often a real downer for many congregations. Lots of people are out of town. This is especially true in a college town. Three years ago, we chose to turn a downer Sunday into a highlight Sunday as we joined with other congregations to have an inspirational challenge given to the “Church of the City” going into the New Year.

For over ten years, various evangelical congregations in State College have participated to a greater or lesser degree in joint Sunday morning worship services, as we wish to please the Lord, who so clearly shared His desire in John 17 (I can’t figure out how you can call Jesus, “Lord,” and blatantly ignore His deepest wishes for visible Christian unity). We’ve probably done at least 8 of these now at different times of the year, with participation from 5-15 congregations per service. This morning’s service included 9 congregations (with several pastors of those on vacation).

This morning was, again, so very inspiring. With two packed services, Pastors Jurod, McKenzie and Nold challenged the folks to corporately pledge 1000 days of fasting and prayer in January 2008. The people responded, with every day in January being covered with dozens of folks committed that day to fasting and praying for revival.

If you are a pastor in another community and are interested in doing a joint Sunday morning service, please feel free to email me at or call me at 814-238-3800 with any questions you might have.
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