Pastoral Missions Trips

Yesterday, our Catalyst group had the privilege of hosting Christopher Alam, a long-time missionary evangelist who has planted over 1000 new churches and has seen millions of converts in Africa and Asia. Just last week he was received into the Penn-Del District of the Assemblies of God (his close friend, Reinhard Bonnke, was received into the Peninsular Florida district this month as well).

One of the group members asked Christopher what an American pastor should do to keep their faith level high that God can/will do the same kind of miracles here that are happening in many other places of the world.

I was struck by Christopher’s answer.

He said, “I would recommend that every pastor in the U.S. minister on a missions trip once a year to sustain his/her level of faith.”

What do you think? Has that approach been effective for anyone?

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