Only well-planned, healthy babies wanted..?

It’s a beautiful thing when a healthy young couple plans carefully, saves money, and prepares well for a wonderful new child. Baby things are gathered, the financial cost is counted and prepared for, and the extended family is carefully informed.
But for whatever reason(s), babies don’t often come that way. Some come unplanned, even to the c couple who plans carefully. Some come when many things are not right and maybe even the parents did not prepare even a healthy parental relationship (marriage) for the new child to be born into.
But however they come, all children are a heritage of the Lord, and a blessing. As believers we celebrate the little life and rejoice that God sent them into the world to care for it and make it better, as Genesis tells us we were created to do. As we know from simple life experience that many who were “unplanned” by the parents, are nevertheless huge blessing to their world!
Maybe churches are like that too. Some are well-planned, beautifully orchestrated, and well put together. Baby things are gathered, and finances are well prepared. The extended family is carefully informed and everyone is happy about the birth. Right?
But then there are those churches that came about the wrong way. Not so well planned, without enough finances and a shock to many people around them.
Yet God uses them.
Acts has all kinds of examples. The Bereans studied, the Jerusalem church exploded, and so many others seemed so well done. Then along comes Ephesus, born out of a riot, lies about the founding Pastor, and all kinds of ugliness.
But each one, however they come, have potential to become a house of great repute, and a recycling station for hurting lives. They are God’s idea to rock the world, and create new disciples.
Outreach magazine last month quoted Ed Stetzer: The American Church is on birth control”. It is unnatural and wrong, Stetzer went on say, that most church do not procreate. He said they seem to worry too much about doing it right and making every effort a success.
I like his way of thinking. Maybe we should be more desperate about being barren, than we are about doing everything perfect.

– Posted by Gerry Stoltzfoos

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