Now Accepting Applications

The MCM Ministry School has just kicked off its season for receiving applicants for the 2009-10 school year. We have launched a new website with information about courses, classes, teachers, etc.
What is UNIQUE about MCM Ministry School?

The MCM Ministry School is designed to provide a prospective student not only with classroom training but with real life experMCMMinistrySchool1iences in ministry.
  • Every day we involve students in our PRAYER SCHOOL.
  • Once a week, we engage in PRACTICAL COMMUNITY OUTREACH in connection with one of eight churches that have been planted in Pittsburgh.
  • Once a year, the students participate in an INTERNATIONAL TRIP to work in partnership with Mission SOS in a Signs and Wonders Festival among UNREACHED PEOPLE’S GROUPS.
Right now our current students are in Thailand doing teams, drama teams, preaching the gospel on the streets, praying for the sick, and participating with hundreds of people experiencing the reality of Jesus for the first time.
The passion of the MCM Ministry School is to raise up faith-filled adventurers who are committed to living out the supernatural lifestyle of the book of Acts. The practical experiences come in the context of a growing church that is actively planting churches and sending teams to reach unreached people groups.Next year’s class will be able to get hands on experience with church planting through Element Church in Millvale, a new church to be planted in the South Side, as well as with the many other churches in the MCM Network.

Who is the MCM Ministry School For?

It is for anyone interested in preparing for a life of aggressively following Jesus.
  • Some of our students are right out of High School, and attend the MCM School prior to launching into college.
  • Some of our students are college grads and are looking for a year of practical experience prior to stepping into a career or into full-time ministry.
  • Some of our students are currently working in a career and are able to arrange their work schedule to accommodate the classes.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED…There are couple of things for you to do. Visit the MCM Ministry School website. Send in an application. Or attend a day of classes. Coming up on Friday, May 8th, we will have an OPEN CLASS day (from 9am until noon). Come check it out.

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