more thoughts on falling

Thanks for your writing about falling, Pastor.

I love your kind and Pastoral heart on the matter. I can only imagine the stuff you need to hear and work through there in the office you hold, and it is so comforting to see (again) that you approach it with this kind of grace.

In my much smaller world, I am often amazed that while a person can fall by themselves or in relative privacy, it seemingly takes 5-10 people to get them back on track. A counselor, Pastor, numerous family members, a small group of peers, etc. are all involved to get a person back to a place of productivity and health.

Here in my little world, we have often tried to err on the side of grace when doing restoration, wanting so badly to see the fallen back on track. However, after years of trying extreme grace, I often wonder if it helped anybody, because those to whom we extended grace seemingly did no better than did those who others seemed to come down hard on.

I wonder how often God looked at my falls like that, and if I have been a quick learner and thankful for His great grace?

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