messed up

Wow, God messed me up tonight.

Sven Benggston preach tonight on 11 ways to know if pride is creeping into your life. To my dismay and humiliation, I pretty much found myself in all 11 of them! Instead of praying for a lot of penitent sinners at the altar, I led them there and wept, while the Holy Spirit scrubbed my rotten little heart.

I left my notes in my Bible at church, so perhaps later I can write them out for you here. But until then, his sermon (which probably will not hit you like it hit me) is available on our website if you care to watch or listen to it.

And while I am at it, please forgive me, all of you, for my pride and my arrogance. If I know anything from years of counseling and leading people, it is that you-all saw this in me for years already, and were patiently waiting for God to deal with me on it. I usually marvel when someone repents, that they are the last person to see it -everyone else already knew. So I would guess you-all saw this in me years ago. I am horrified and humiliated, and so sorry.

You-all must have put up with a lot, while waiting. I am sorry. Please pray for me. And thank you for your friendship nonetheless all these years.

Gerry Stoltzfoos

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