'Let it Rise': A Benefit Worship Concert

I know this is far in advance, but there is already much angst locally regarding the numbers of families that are going to find their heating fuel bills overwhelming this winter. There is no one solution, but the churches in State College are prepared to help be part of the solution.

On Sunday, November 23 (the Sunday before Thanksgiving) at 7 pm, there will be a community benefit worship concert held at State College Assembly of God, in which a collection will be taken to assist needy families in this regard.

There will be worship bands from 3 congregations participating: Unity Church of Jesus Christ (who may have the best worship team in town), Calvary Baptist, and State College Assembly of God. The music will be superb and the evening will end with 3 roof-raising songs with all 3 bands joining as one. The event will be heavily advertised in various local media outlets, and the Salvation Army has agreed to administer the funds.

With broad support, together we hope to make a big difference. Also, we hope to introduce many community members to contemporary worship at the same time.

This might be an idea that you might want to use. If you start right now, there is still time to pull something like this off in your community for the glory of God.

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