Jeff Leake's event

I should start this with a disclaimer: Jeff Leake did not authorize me to do this. I could be messing up some of his plans, I don’t know. I lifted this off his blog directly.

But I have been to his events similar to this in the last few years, and find them incredibly life giving. I think you should know about them. I’d love to see you there.

His new church planting school, and growing vision through his church planting network, is really excellent, and rare. I think it would be cool to see a couple of you visionary types there next week!

Gerry Stoltzfoos

Coming Soon: HARVESTCRY 2008

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Next month, Allison Park Church is going to host our first HARVESTCRY event in partnership with Mission SOS.


It is three nights of services/events to celebrate what God is doing around the world and to focus our attention on the cry of those unreached with the gospel.

It is also an opportunity for prospective students to check out the MCM Ministry School by attending the MCM Classes for a day.

What happens each night?

THURSDAY 7PM – Jeff Deyo in concert. Jeff was formerly the lead singer for SONICFLOOD. He has written some powerful songs like BLESS THE LORD and JESUS I SURRENDER. The concert is FREE to all.

FRIDAY 7PM – David Santistevan will lead us in worship and Johannes Amritzer from Mission SOS will be our special guest speaker. Before and after the service the concourse will be filled with inflatables and lots of fun.

SATURDAY 6PM – APC Missions Celebration Service – during this evening service, we will celebrate some of the happenings and testimonies from our missions endeavors around the world. Johannes will again be our speaker for this special evening.

– This weekend the Saturday and Sunday services will be distinct. Johannes will speak on Saturday night. I will speak on Sunday morning. During the Sunday services we have some special testimonies planned and we will celebrate communion together to conclude this wonderful week.

What about the MCM MInistry School?

The School will be highlighted at all the evening events. But Friday morning will be something special. ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN ATTENDING THE SCHOOL IN THE FUTURE, can attend the MCM classes on Friday morning.

If you want more information, or would like to sign up for this MCM Ministry School Experience, CLICK HERE.

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