I need prayer!!


Tommorrow, Nov 18, at 12 noon, Jim Ruddy and I are gathering about 12 very influential Pastors in the Gettysburg area, to present to them an idea that we think has great potential. 
May I ask you to pray with us? I have never felt as small, or more needy of God’s help.
God seems to have given us a glimpse of an idea that we think has potential to reach thousands of new believers, and start 10 new churches.
Our Swedish friend, Evangelist Johannes Amritzer is holding Signs & Wonders crusades around the world that result in hundreds or thousands of salvations, and often 10 or more new churches at a time. 
Could that heppen here in America?
We are asking God for it, and we are asking you to pray for us. Would you please? You may know how challenging it is to get churches to work together on projects, and how often  those projects can be side tracked into endless christian trivia that does not necessarily reach the harvest.
That is why I am asking (begging) for your help in prayer. A hundred years from now, we hope that you will meet some believers in Heaven that you prayed for.
 I know you have busy lives and so much to do. I know you are doing Kingdom-growing things as well, many of which are far better ideas than this. I will pray for you when I hear of them, and ask God for your success in the eternal work that we do.
Thank you for considering it.
Gerry Stoltzfoos
Freedom Valley Worship Center
Gettysburg, PA. 
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