I Fell; Confessions of a Preacher

I Fell; Confessions of a Preacher
It happened so suddenly! There was no warning. Everything was fine. I was doing everything I knew to do and yet, it happened. Down I went.

No I am not talking about a moral failure. I was on a walk, working hard to get my heart rate up, the metabolism increased, and the blood circulating at an appropriate level. One minute I was doing fine and the next I could feel myself going down. It was one of those strange moments. It takes some time to write about it, but by the time I hit the ground I had asked the Lord, “What happened?” and He had answered, “It’s a parable.” A vision flashed through my spirit revealing the process that occurs when a believer falls into sin. Like me on my walk; 1) there are distractions, 2) an overconfidence in how well things are progressing, 3) a failure to realize there are dangers and the road is not as smooth as might be thought, 4) not paying attention, and 5) being alone raises the potential danger.

Everyone takes a fall from time to time. None of us are proud of our falls, whether the ones during the exercise regimen or the ones that impact our moral integrity. The degree of failure will make a difference in recoverability. My turned ankle will last a few days but a broken bone would take a longer recovery. Falling off a cliff could mean death. Recovery from a moral failure presents challenges that depend on many variables. Recovery is possible. The importance of instituting preventive measures is illustrated in my ankle injury. Because I was alone, my level of vulnerability was great. Leaders must understand the importance of walking together if we are to survive and thrive in ministry. Catalyst Groups are not only for the purpose of mentoring and effectiveness. They also present an opportunity to challenge and encourage one another to walk circumspectly and to be there when one of us does fall.
Working at walking worthy!
Steve Tourville

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