God is so good!

Well the first step went very well. We have a long way to go.

But today’s meeting with 12 key Pastors in our community went extremely well. Jim Ruddy delivered an amazing teaching on how Abraham was called to go out to a place he did not know, and that God would give him that land for his inheritance. The Holy Spirit stirred our souls with excitement about what it feels like to walk in uncomfortable places, in faith.
There was a powerful feeling of possibility on the room. Several Pastors commented on how important it was that we were all working together on something as Kingdom-powerful as reaching thousands of new believers and starting 10 new church in the next 18 months. All seemed honored to be part of something on this scale- something that has never been done in America- some thing that could raise the water level of faith in our community. I could almost see the Holy Spirit walking among us, tapping our shoulders, gaining our attention.
We are hoping that many of these churches will mother their first church plant, that all will grow, and all will experience fresh anointing that comes when we do something out of our comfort zone, that God cares so much about.
Thanks everyone for your kind expressions of prayer and support. Amazing things are happening!

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