Following The Launch Pattern

This coming weekend, APC will begin the process of our 7th church plant. BridgePoint Church will be located in the community of Tarentum (northeast of Pitt).

BridgePoint will be started a little differently than any of our other plants. We are going to follow the plan outlined by Nelson Searcy in his book, Launch: Starting A New Church From Scratch. In my opinion, Searcy’s book is the most practical and useful book on church planting that I have ever read.

The Launch Process calls for monthly preview services six months prior to the full-time start up of the church. So every 3rd Sunday, starting this weekend, we will be hosting preview services. The full-time start of the church is set for March 9, 2008 (Palm Sunday).

You can read more about the steps leading up to the process of Pastor Greg Krowitz’s blog.

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