Catalyst Session: John Maxwell

Central Thought Of Talk: Intentionally add value to people every day!

The greatest way to add value to people is to find your ‘strength zone’ (gifts, passions, skills) and then leverage those strengths for others.

Several Hinderances In Adding Value To Others In My Young Life:

  1. I didn’t know my ‘strength zone’ so I didn’t know what to leverage.
  2. Don’t add value to people as a technique to build your own thing. It has to be a self-less things. It is simply a sowing mentality. Don’t worry about the reaping. Just help people.

Fact: We are either adding value to people or we are taking value from people. So the question is do I add or do I subtract.

Reality: People who add value do so INTENTIONALLY. By nature we tend to be selfish, we are subtractors. We have to do it daily and intentionally. How?

  1. You have to VALUE people.
  2. You have to make yourself more Valuable.
  3. You have to know and relate to what other people value. (great leaders are first listeners, and then learners, and then they are leaders).
  4. You have to do the things that God VALUES.
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