Catalyst Session 5: Rick Warren

If you want God’s blessing, anointing, and power to rest on your life–then you have to get with God’s agenda. God has not promised to bless your agenda. But He has promised to bless His agenda through you.

Stop praying, ‘God bless me!‘ Begin praying, ‘God what is it that you are blessing.

So what is God blessing? In a word…THE KINGDOM!

Where is the Kingdom of God? It is wherever Jesus is King.

What is the Kingdom of God? It is God’s people fulfilling God’s purposes on God’s planet for God’s glory. It is multi-cultural. God is a global God. It is eternal. It is powerful, run by God’s power. It is inevitable, for God will one day place Jesus as ruler over all.

When will Jesus come back? If Jesus didn’t know that, I shouldn’t expect that I will be able to figure that out either. I stopped trying to figure out what Jesus didn’t know. Matthew 24:14 tells us the key factor. The gospel must be preached to all nations and then…

What is God’s agenda? It’s the Kingdom coming through the Church. When you are married, you love your bride no matter what. Jesus loves His bride no matter what. He asks us to do the same. Jesus said, “I love the church so much it hurts…I died for it.’ We need to stop putting down the church. It is God’s agenda in the world.

God wants you to love the real Church not the ideal Church. And He wants you to learn to serve in it.

God created the universe, galaxy, planet, to put us on this globe. He did it because He wanted a family. He made us to love us. That’s why we are alive. The Church is the expression of God’s family on earth. One day everything else will burn up, there will be a new heaven and a new earth. The only thing that will last on this earth is God’s Family.

I am not interested in changing culture, I am interested in creating it. God is a creative God. For thousands of years the Church has created culture.

Think about the moment when God told Moses to lay down his staff. When he did, it became a snake. When he picked it up again, it again became a staff. Why did God do this? What do we learn?

  • Whenever God asks you a question, it is never for His benefit. It is always to teach us a lesson.
  • Whenever God does a miracle, He never does it to show off. It is always to teach a truth

The staff of Moses represented three things:

  • First, it represented Moses’ identity. Moses was a shepherd. The staff revealed that.
  • Second, it represented Moses’ income. All Moses’ income was wrapped up in flocks not stocks.
  • Third, it represented his influence. It was the means by which Moses moved his sheep.

God asked Moses to lay all this down for Him. God then told him, ‘Moses, if you surrender it to me…I will make it come alive. And every time you pick it back up again, its going to die. It’s all about surrendering it to me.’

From the moment Moses laid down his staff, it is never called the staff of Moses again. It is now called THE ROD OF GOD.

The question that we all have to answer is ‘What Is In Your Hand?’

When you stand before God, you will have two questions to answer to God. What did you do with my son Jesus? and second…What did you do with what I gave you?

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