C3 meetings today

This afternoon at the C3 seminar in Carlisle, we had 2 hours of pure oxygen. About a dozen or more church leaders sat around tables to discuss how we can reach more of the 9 million people in PennDel who do not attend church.

As we shared what God has given us, we discovered 17 new churches on the drawing boards! 17! that still doesn’t bring us up to the 20 new churches that New Jersey planted last year (I love competitiveness in a “spur one another to good works” kind of way). But if we did half that we just might have one of the best years we ever had! And who knows where we could go in the years to come!
Penndel today has something under 400 AG churches in it I believe. What could happen if we had 1000! That might represent 60,000 less people in eternal Hell…
One a smaller scale, I live in Adams County, where the total population numbers about 100,000. Probably less than 20,000 go to church today. What could our county be like if say, 50,000 attended church regularly? How would that affect the economy, crime, or divorce rates?
Recently I read where our county spends about 45% of it’s budget on law enforcement, courts, prison, etc. What if crime dropped 50% because we reached a lot of drug dealers, thieves, and addicts, reducing crime so much that the county was awash in money for better things?
Last evening David Crosby read the Apostle Paul’s words about finishing his work. I have no idea what it would look like to have finished my work, or our work in reaching people. But I know this; we have about 9 milllion prospects- more than enough for all of us to plant a LOT of church before we even reach the halfway point!
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