boot camp registration is open

Church Planter’s Boot camp at Freedom Valley

The first week of November is less than 1 month away, and registration is open! You can go to to find the link on our home page, and register.

Penn-Del is offering scholarships for credential holders. You can pay online. After you have registered, order your boot camp materials and start the exciting journey toward planting a church.

We are encouraging church planters to bring whatever team that is being developed around you. If finances are a problem for you, call me personally (717-398-9033) for plans to help- such as a home opener to stay with, or a reduced registration fee if needed.

A few weeks ago, I did a church planting seminar for a couple of sections in the western part of the state (the sections led by Ken Martin and Christ Clark). At lunch afterward, a retired Pastor told me about “the good old days” where it was generally expected, he said that EVERY Bible college worth his salt planted a church! He said it was a standard expectation!

Ironically, those were also the days just before the Assemblies of God was named “the fastest growing denomination” in the country.

The old timer told me when he heard the seminar, that he hoped maybe it could happen again, where the AG became the aggressive church planting movement that it once was.

Maybe it could…

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