20 years to change a culture

What would fundamentally change the culture in Pennsylvania and Delaware?

1. 1000 new churches that reach at least 100 new believers each? (100,000 new believers out of 10 million unchurched people?

2. Some kind of new cultural broadcast that captures the imagination?

3. 10,000 new leaders/ministers?

4. Some kind of mailing to every home?

I think that some variation of #1 is the obvious answer, even though 1000 new churches seems like a huge, unreachable number. So, assuming for just a moment that you are a Catalyst leader because you agree, how do we get 1000 new churches underway?

I’m 45. I have 20-30 good ministry years left, by the grace of God. Is it possible that one day when I might stand before God that I will have seen real, cultural fundamental change in my lifetime?

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