Calvary Assembly, Irwin PA

How It All Started

Beginnings In Adamsburg
Calvary Assembly held its first service in late August, 1972, in the Odd Fellows Community Hall in the tiny village of Adamsburg. Having little money but enor¬mous faith, the small but deter-mined congregation numbering about 75 people worshiped God. An old table with a cardboard box on top served as the pulpit. No money was available to purchase Sunday School materi¬als, but those conducting classes improvised and created their own curriculum. Also, no money was available for hymnals, but again the determined members solved this dilemma; they sang only the songs they knew. Serv¬ing as interim pastor was The Rev. Dwaine Umbel from McKeesport. After about two months Pastor David Hardt was called to the lead the congrega¬tion.
A Step of Faith
In November 1972 with hardly any money the board and con¬gregation stepped out in faith and signed an agreement to purchase the church’s first parsonage. They promised to make the down payment within 30 days. Through sacrificial giving the board and congrega¬tion were able to fulfill this pledge; a miracle had occurred.
The land upon which the first church was built was also ac¬quired as a result of a miracle. Tied up in estate, the land became available for purchase after the congregation had fasted and prayed for it’s release from probate. The church congregation experienced the favor of the Lord as it went through several building programs to accommodate
it’s rapid growth. Calvary Assembly’s first building was completed in July of 1974, and in the spring of 1976 an addition to the building was finished.
Exceptional Growth
Since it’s inception in 1972 with 75 members, Calvary Assembly experienced tremendous growth. At times the average attendance exceeded 800, with over 1,000 during Easter services. In 1982, Calvary Assembly was listed as one of the 20 fastest growing Assemblies of God churches in the nation. Because of this exceptional growth, the church purchased 12 additional acres of ground and in 1985 began construction of a new church building which would be capable of seating 1,000 new members. This new facility was completed in 1986 by members of the congregation who volunteered countless hours of hard work.
Ministry Continues
Pastor David Hardt served Calvary Assembly for 24 1/2 years. He received his eternal reward on December 29, 1996. On August 1, 1997 Rev. Denny Seller and his wife Debbie became Lead Pastors of Calvary Assembly. They served until 2000 when God called them to be Missionaries. In 2001, Pastor Tood Neveu and his wife Sharon were chosen by the congregation to lead Calvary into a new and exciting chapter. They served Calvary faithfully until February 2011, when God called Pastor Todd to his heavenly home at the young age of 45.
In July of 2011, the board and congregation chose a new pastor to direct Calvary, as Pastor Nick and Heidi Poole became the Lead Pastors. They have served the church since that time and continue to lead us toward making an impact in our community and around the world!

*25th Anniversary Publication

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