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May 24 - 27

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What is Family Camp?

Family Camp is an affordable weekend getaway where families can rough it in tents, camp in RVs or enjoy the modern amenities of the Bongiorno Conference Center facilities. Prepare your own meals or take the weekend off and let us do the cooking for you. There will be services and activities for all ages.

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to escape the daily grind and relax and soak in the Son, worship in the wild, and delight in the Word. Your family will have plenty of time to spend developing and deepening relationships and making fun memories that will last a lifetime. Whether your family is large or small, blended or extended, or you come with your church family and friends, there is a place for you!
Participate in exciting activities and adventures alongside other Christian families to foster a sense of community. Strengthen your family bonds and form enduring friendships through shared experiences around campfires. Bring your children and grandchildren along to experience PennDel Family Camp, a place where faith, family, and fun converge!

Event Information

May 24 - 27

Bongiorno Conference Center
Carlisle, pa

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