Steps to applying for credentials

the following steps are for those looking to obtain their credentials for the first time with the assemblies of god.

Step 1


Please click below  to complete the Applicant Inquiry Form and someone from our office will contact you. An initial interview with your Lead Pastor and Sectional Presbyter will be required.

Step 2

Educational Requirements

After you received approval from your lead pastor and sectional presbyter, you may move forward with the application process. Please have an official transcript of your education sent to Janice at An education review will be conducted.

Step 3

Application Packet

When all the educational requirements have been met, then an application packet will be emailed to you. All forms must be completed in their entirety (no unanswered questions will be accepted) and returned to the PennDel Ministry Network along with your credential application fee.

Step 4


After an applicant’s references have been received along with a satisfactory Background Check all information will be reviewed. The applicant will receive an email with approval and instructions on scheduling their credential exams.

Step 5


After successfully completing the credential exams, applicants will be notified via email of their interview date with the PennDel Credential Committee. Upon receiving the Credential Committee’s recommendation, the applicant’s materials will be sent to General Council for their final review and approval.

Please note the credentialing process takes several months. If applicants or their spouse have a divorce in their background And/or you need further information, please contact janice at