Credential Renewal Q&A

Q:  Is there a renewal fee?
A:  PennDel Ministry Network requires no renewal fees.  However, if you need to catch up on this year’s tithes/dues obligation, the standard practice is contributing two-thirds of tithes (from all sources of income, including housing allowance) as dues, per PDMN bylaws.  Tithes/dues must be submitted with your renewal form.  REMINDER: senior retired ministers and disabled ministers have their financial obligation waived.

Q:  What if I have not met my financial obligation to the PDMN or the General Council?
A:  Unless you represent a case of severe suffering, such as a major accident or medical problems, the General Council generally will not renew your credential until you have paid the annual dues for your credential level ($300 ordained, $240 licensed, $120 certified). If you have not met your tithing obligation to the PDDC or show a $0 or minimal balance for your giving for the year, please attach an explanation and we will contact you.

Q:  How do I renew? Why can’t I do it all online?
A:  The good news is that the General Council has made provision for renewing your credential online.  Please be sure to update your email address and all contact information with PDMN Secretary’s office and the General Council in order to receive the annual email and mailing to renew your credential.  You will then have the option of either renewing online, downloading your renewal form online to print, sign and return to Network Secretary, or completing the hard copy received via snail mail from the General Council and returning to Network Secretary.  Remember to mail the signed original to the Network Secretary with any tithes/dues check(s) that need to be included.

Q:  I am retired, do I need to renew? Who has to renew?
A:  Every credentialed Assemblies of God minister – regardless of your credential level (i.e., certified, licensed, ordained) and regardless of your status (active, disabled, senior active, senior retired) must renew annually.


Avoid late fees and save yourself some needless pain and suffering by submitting your renewal before December 31st!

For more information contact:
Rhonda Imes:

phone:  717-795-5921