Call is God’s invitation.

Call is different for everyone.

God calls people at all stages and times of their lives.

Call means you have gifts and talents that are needed in the church and in the world.

All of us are called to use our gifts and talents the best we can in the church.

We call this ministry.

What you are called to is different for everyone.

Some are called to teacher, prison chaplain, world missions but all become messengers of the Gospel.

Pastors are called to a lifetime ministry of service, Word, sacrament and leadership.

Pastors are authorized to preach and teach God’s Word, to administer the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and to order the life of the church for mission and ministry.

The Pennsylvania-Delaware District wants to partner with you in answering God’s call.

We’re committed to the call!

For answers to your questions:

Lynette Provard

Phone: 717-795-5921


PROPER MOTIVES – Voluntary Cooperative Fellowship

Membership in The General Council of The Assemblies of God is based on the principle of cooperative fellowship.  A cooperative fellowship provides certain benefits and invokes responsibilities upon its members.

This working relationship can be described in terms of “voluntary cooperation.”  By “voluntary,” it is meant that a commitment is voluntarily made on the part of individual members for the benefits that come from working together in a common effort.

By “cooperation,” it is meant that to the best of each member’s ability, he or she will comply with and support the decisions of the body which set forth and define the duties and responsibilities incumbent upon each member of the fellowship.

Hence, “voluntary cooperation” means that when a person of his or her own free will decides to become a cooperating member of The General Council of The Assemblies of God, his or her cooperation is committed to the fellowship and is no longer optional.


Every applicant ought to feel that the organization of The General Council of The Assemblies of God is the fellowship into which God has called them.  They are to be one with these people and adhere to the same tenets of faith, principles, purposes and practices as those they now join.  They must be one who is committed to the fellowship, willing to not only share in its privilege and blessing, but to cooperate with its ministries.  They must be guided by, and when necessary, accept the discipline and direction of its leadership.