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  • Rural Compassion Spring Registration

    Rural Compassion Spring Registration

    PennDel is partnering with Convoy of Hope’s Rural Compassion to come alongside our rural pastors with a renewed vision for reaching our rural areas for Jesus. This free ...more

  • Women of Purpose Conference 2018

    Women of Purpose Conference 2018

    Weekend Pass EARLYBIRD (May 1 – Sept 10) Regular – $60  Discount – $45 STANDARD (Sept 11 – Nov 7) Regular – $65  Discount – $50 ONSITE (Nov 8 – 10) Regular – ...more

  • Coaching Training Event

    Coaching Training Event

    On November 5-7 at the Bongiorno Conference Center we will be offering the two foundational courses needed to become an effective certified coach, or to ...more

  • PennDel School of Ministry

    PennDel School of Ministry

      PennDel School of Ministry (PDSOM) is a member of the Association of District Schools of Ministry (ADSOM). We began in the fall of 2016 with ...more

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  • One Team

    One Team

    Although the term “team” may not be found in the Bible, the concept is consistently exemplified. Jesus assembled a team and called them disciples. Peter assembled ...more

  • Teamwork


    Your Team + Our Team = One Team. That’s not a complicated mathematical equation. You didn’t have to have taken algebra, geometry, calculus, or linear ...more

  • Our Team, Not My Team

    Our Team, Not My Team

    Every time he saw me, a recently hired 16 year old (Bongiorno Conference Center kitchen employee) he would say, “Hey boss, what’s up?” After a ...more

  • Two Congregations, One Team

    Two Congregations, One Team

    HEART LANGUAGE / IDIOMA DEL CORAZÓN Many of us have the opportunity to come to church on a weekly basis and worship in our native tongue, English. ...more

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