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  • PK/MK Retreat 2018

    PK/MK Retreat 2018

    It's time to register for the annual PK/MK Retreat! We are offering two special retreats for our District PK’s and MK’s - one for those ...more

  • Junior Bible Quiz

    Junior Bible Quiz

    Team registration information for the 2018/2019 season is available below!! This year, we will again be utilizing an online registration format. All of the instructions for ...more

  • Ministers' Enrichment 2018

    Ministers' Enrichment 2018

    “In order to be effective, you need a GOOD TEAM. The very idea of leading implies others.” -Pastor Don This year our Ministers’ Enrichment will focus ...more

  • KidMin Trainings 2018

    KidMin Trainings 2018

    We are thrilled to announce our next series of Children's Ministry Trainings in several PennDel sections! Like this past spring, this will again be a time ...more

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Recent Articles


  • One Team

    One Team

    Although the term “team” may not be found in the Bible, the concept is consistently exemplified. Jesus assembled a team and called them disciples. Peter assembled ...more

  • Teamwork


    Your Team + Our Team = One Team. That’s not a complicated mathematical equation. You didn’t have to have taken algebra, geometry, calculus, or linear ...more

  • Our Team, Not My Team

    Our Team, Not My Team

    Every time he saw me, a recently hired 16 year old (Bongiorno Conference Center kitchen employee) he would say, “Hey boss, what’s up?” After a ...more

  • Two Congregations, One Team

    Two Congregations, One Team

    HEART LANGUAGE / IDIOMA DEL CORAZÓN Many of us have the opportunity to come to church on a weekly basis and worship in our native tongue, English. ...more

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