Royal Rangers: Updates


New Climbing Wall

Camp leadership had desired a climbing wall for some time. Newport Assembly acquired a building for its food distribution ministry and inside was a climbing wall that was no longer in use. The church donated it to the camp and Mike Schechterly has overseen the removal, transport and installation with a great team of helpers. Different climbing paths will have varying difficulty and will give boys a whole new experience and the opportunity to accomplish a new merit.

Shower House

Last year the footers and four courses of block were installed. Brent Heller, our Camp Manager, has adjusted the grade, getting it ready for the installation of plumbing and the floor. He has a work schedule set up and would welcome any volunteers and Home Missions Teams from your church to come up one weekend to help us. The schedule is on the pdrangers website and you can contact

Brent at There are twenty-six bunks, hot showers, and a kitchen in the Farm House for your team if you wish to stay overnight.

Financial Update and Opportunity

Through the past twenty years, the PDRR has paid a monthly mortgage on the camp property. Finances have been tight, but the mortgage has been paid each month. In October of this year, the mortgage is targeted to be paid off. We would like to pay that off prior to June so that Paul Sheaffer, our Training Coordinator and past Camp Director, can conduct a mortgage burning ceremony. The monthly mortgage is $1,600/mo and to pay it off by June, we need to raise 3 1/2 months payments — $5,600. Please join us in helping to retire the mortgage well before June so that we can plan a great thanksgiving ceremony to the Lord.

Donations can be given on line or sent to: PennDel Royal Rangers, 507 Howell School Road, Bear, DE 19701.

Without your giving, this district ministry including the camp would not be possible. Many boys and men have committed their life
to the Lord, been water baptized, baptized in the Holy Spirit and encouraged in their walk with the Lord.

Thanks again for all you have done and will do in support of the RR District Ministry and RR Camp.


BB Gun Competition, March 7, 2020

Mike Schechterly, our Shooting Sports Coordinator reports that thirteen teams with sixty-nine shooters (including thirteen Girls from Girl’s Ministries) competed. Over 120 people were in attendance. There were a number of all-time high scores shot at this match and results are on the pdrangers website. PennDel Royal Rangers is known nationally for top notch shooters. Pastor Dwan Newsome, the PennDel Royal Ranger Chaplain, gave the devotion and six boys and girls came forward for salvation.



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