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As one of our four anchors, we are passionate about Minister Care . The goal of this department is to help you realize your goals! As a Network, we want to provide more resourcing for you, your church and your community. Below, you can learn what new resources we will be offering as this area of ministry continues to develop.


If you have any questions, please contact Administrative Assistant, Danielle Debley.

Emerge Counseling Ministries Site

Emerge Counseling Ministries will have an on-site facility at the Network office. The EMERGE way of counseling is the integration of Biblical truth with sound psychological principles to help people live in the “freedom for which Christ set us free (Gal. 5:1)” or to live the “abundant life” that Christ has promised.

Healthy Pastors Seminar

Check back soon!

Marriage & Family Seminar

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Jason Tourville

Director of Minister Care



Phone: 717.795.5921


Jason earned a BA in Biblical Studies from UVF, an MA in Counseling through AGTS, is a trained Leadership Coach, and has 25 years of pastoral experience. Jason is also the founder of Breakthrough Pastors, a blog resource for pastors.

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