Change is Good

Change is Good

The other day a friend asked me why I was not wearing the earrings I had received for Christmas.
As I was contemplating my answer, she blurted out, “You do not like change! You don’t want things to change! You are wearing your old earrings!” You know, she was right!

CHANGE: What does that word conjure up in your mind, in your emotions? When I looked it up online, I found the word “change” has 39 meanings! No wonder people are trepidatious when the word is mentioned! Thirty-nine! There are more meanings than there are different types of apples!

Take a deep breath…change can mean a lot of things. But change is necessary if we are to grow. Without change, the caterpillar never becomes a butterfly. Without change, the acorn never becomes the mighty oak.

In 2018 PennDel Girls Ministries has seen the necessity to change the way we do training. It is apparent that with pressures of family schedules, the local Girls Ministries Leaders find it difficult to get away for a weekend of training. In response, we will be bringing the training to the regions of our District. If your church is willing to host a GM Training this spring, summer or fall, please let me know as soon as possible. We are looking for locations in the Northeast, Northwest, North Central as well as the Greater Philadelphia areas. At this time, a training is scheduled for Saturday, May 5 at Christian Life in Camp Hill. The schedule, cost and registration information will be available soon. Flyers will be sent to the local church as well as will be available on the PennDel Girls Ministries Facebook Group.

For further information, contact me at


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