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  • Retirement Seminar

    Retirement Seminar

    TRANSITIONING WITH PURPOSE “There are many in our district that are either at retirement age or at a point where advanced planning would be well served ...more

  • 2015 Sectional Fine Arts

    2015 Sectional Fine Arts

    Sectional Fine Arts 2015 Sectionals Sectional Date: February 21, 2015 (for times and locations please see below) Sectional Prices: $30.00 + $5.00 per category Sectional Deadlines: January 19, 2015 – Creative Writing, ...more

  • Slovakia Missions Trip July 2015

    Slovakia Missions Trip July 2015

    July 19-27, 2015 We are excited to announce our 2015 AIM trip to Slovakia to minister to the Gypsies of Europe! Through street evangelism and ministry ...more

  • Remnant Youth Convention 2015

    Remnant Youth Convention 2015

    It's Your Remnant Right ... What is a remnant? Merriam Webster defines Remnant as, “a small part, or trace remaining.” There are lots of problems in our ...more

  • Single Moms' Day Out

    Single Moms' Day Out

    If you are a single mom, join us for this wonderful day of encouragement and pampering! You spirit will be refreshed as you hear from ...more

  • Spring Events

    Spring Events

    Join us for one of the Radiant Spring Events near you! Click here to find more details on the event in your ...more

  • Winter Retreat - Love - #theright15

    Winter Retreat - Love - #theright15

    Tenta https://vimeo.com/110467761 We have many rights as a consequence of being human. Of all those rights, the most basic human right that belongs to every individual is ...more

  • Kids' Breakaway 2015

    Kids' Breakaway 2015

    ON A MISSION: Kids Reaching America Cost: $114/person (if postmarked by Feb. 9th) REGISTER ONLINE Weekend #1: February 27 - March 1 Weekend #2: March 6 - 8 (PLEASE NOTE: There will only be ...more

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  • The Gift of Prayer - Pastor Gerry

    The Gift of Prayer - Pastor Gerry

    On August 25th, I set out with a group of church planters and bikers on an exciting 7,000 mile, church planting road trip that would take us from Pennsylvania to Seattle and back again. We set off with the goal ...more

  • The Gift of Joy

    The Gift of Joy

    Sharing Jesus This Christmas In the movie Elf, one of Buddy’s favorite things to do is to sing Christmas Carols. Buddy spreads the gift of joy to everyone he meets, and singing loudly is one way he goes about it. Caroling ...more

  • Buildcast 2.4 - Leading Through Sticky Stuff: Sexual Identity and Student Behavior

    Buildcast 2.4 - Leading Through Sticky Stuff: Sexual Identity and Student Behavior

    https://vimeo.com/109854928 spiritualfriendship.org - This website includes stories of individuals who have same sex attractions but are choosing to remain celibate at this point in their Christian journey. sexualidentityinstitute.org - The Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity (ISSI) was established at Regent University in Virginia Beach, ...more

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