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  • Kids' Fun Arts 2015

    Kids' Fun Arts 2015

    We are excited to hold our 6th annual Kids’ Fun Arts event in 2015! WHEN: Saturday, May 16th, 2015 (Registration begins at 8:00 AM.) WHERE: (4 LOCATIONS THIS ...more

  • Remnant Youth Convention 2015

    Remnant Youth Convention 2015

    It's Your Remnant Right ... What’s a remnant? Merriam Webster defines remnant as, “a small part, or trace remaining.” Are you happy going along with the majority ...more

  • Girls Ministries Impact! Leadership Retreat

    Girls Ministries Impact! Leadership Retreat

    Foundation April 24-25, 2015 $138/Person Includes Lodging and 3 Meals $115/Person for Saturday Only There is a $20/person discount for chartered churches. Registration Form Important Information You will receive a confirmation through ...more

  • A/G Night @ First Energy Park

    A/G Night @ First Energy Park

      READING FIGHTIN' PHILS VS THE NEW HAMPSHIRE FISHER CATS MAY 4 • 5:30 PM TICKET AND 2 1/2 HR ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET $24 pp (Children four and under are free) Pool Picnic Area Buffet starts ...more

  • MinistrieSummit


    Rev. Greg Beggs and Jim Cymbala to be featured speakers at this year's MinistrieSummit. Join us at Glad Tidings Church in Reading PA for a great ...more

  • Retirement Seminar

    Retirement Seminar

    TRANSITIONING WITH PURPOSE “There are many in our district that are either at retirement age or at a point where advanced planning would be well served ...more

  • Single Moms' Day Out

    Single Moms' Day Out

    If you are a single mom, join us for this wonderful day of encouragement and pampering! You spirit will be refreshed as you hear from ...more

  • Spring Events

    Spring Events

    Join us for one of the Radiant Spring Events near you! Click here to find more details on the event in your ...more

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  • Catalyst - Faith VS Fear

    Catalyst - Faith VS Fear

    Being from Pittsburgh, I am a huge Steelers fan. Our head coach, Mike Tomlin, is famous for responding to questions about why he did or didn’t do something. Almost always, you’ll hear him say in interviews, “we choose to not ...more

  • Buildcast 3.1 - Leading in Purity

    Buildcast 3.1 - Leading in Purity

    http://youtu.be/yfSuSVNIJd8?t=1m12s Promo codes: Get 50% of X3Watch Premium and X3Pure with the promo code: BuildcastX3 Membership to X3Groups | First 30 Days for $1 with promo code: BuildcastX3     Chat History ...more

  • Selfie


    noun (pl. selfies | selfēz) A “selfie” is defined in Wikipedia as “a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone” and are “usually flattering and made to appear casual…usually at arm’s length.” At times I find ...more

  • The Gift of Prayer - Pastor Gerry

    The Gift of Prayer - Pastor Gerry

    On August 25th, I set out with a group of church planters and bikers on an exciting 7,000 mile, church planting road trip that would take us from Pennsylvania to Seattle and back again. We set off with the goal ...more

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