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  • 2015 Radiant Conference

    2015 Radiant Conference

    November 13-14, 2015 The “Radiant” Women of Purpose Conference is designed to introduce every woman to the immeasurable love of her Creator; emanating with such great ...more

  • Ministers' Enrichment

    Ministers' Enrichment

    Join us as the celebration begins! This is a great time to have fun, share with friends, and renew our passion as we Carry the ...more

  • Men's Conference

    Men's Conference

    Bring your Band of Brothers to this year’s HonorBound Men’s Conference in Camp Hill on October 16-17, 2015! This year we have an amazing line-up with… TOMMY ...more

  • Junior Bible Quiz

    Junior Bible Quiz

    Team registration information for the 2015/2016 season is available below!! This year, we will again be utilizing an online registration format. All of the instructions for ...more

  • Kids' Camp 2015

    Kids' Camp 2015

    REGISTER ONLINE Theme: Let God Build You Cost: $204/person (if postmarked by early registration deadlines) Early Registration Deadlines: June 8th (Weeks #1 & #2); June 22nd (Weeks #3 ...more

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  • Tips for Developing Healthy Habits

    Tips for Developing Healthy Habits

      It’s been discussed that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Take that into consideration as you establish your resolutions and kick off the New Year with a healthier lifestyle. When we think about beginning an entirely new regimen ...more

  • Church Planting Projects 2015

    Church Planting Projects 2015

    Life Church  •  Hershey, PA Hershey, PA started as a “model town” for employees of the world’s first modern chocolate factory to live, work and play. But how can “The Sweetest Place on Earth” model true community without the example of ...more

  • All In For Prayer

    All In For Prayer

    We were delighted to have Pastor Jim Cymbala at this year’s MinistrieSummit. Here are some words of encouragement from Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire. PRAYER IS THE SOURCE of the Christian life, a Christian’s lifeline. Otherwise, it’s like having a baby in your ...more

  • Balancing the Seesaw of Youth Ministry

    Balancing the Seesaw of Youth Ministry

    When I was a kid, one of my favorite playground activities was the seesaw. There is something brilliant in the simple physics of that wonderful contraption! We used to run across the playground before all the good seesaws were taken, ...more

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